1990 · La Compagnie Suzanne M. Éric Vigner (EN)

Université de Haute Bretagne · Secondary school teacher's diploma in the visual arts
Conservatoire de Rennes · Theatre studies
École de la rue blanche (E.N.S.A.T.T.) · National School of Theatre Art and Technology
Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique de Paris (C.N.S.A.D.) · National Academy of Dramatic Art

After ten years of study, ERIC VIGNER graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique of Paris in 1988, directing PIERRE CORNEILLE’s LA PLACE ROYALE with MICHEL BOMPOIL, DIDIER GALAS, PIERRE GÉRARD, MATHIAS MÉGARD, LUCE MOUCHEL, DENIS PODALYDÈS, PATRICIA VARNAY. He had studied all the arts and crafts of the theatre: visual artist, costume designer, scenographer, assistant director and actor, above all in ELVIRE JOUVET 40, directed by BRIGITTE JAQUES, together with PHILIPPE CLEVENOT and MARIA DE MEDEIROS. On stage, he plays in particular with JEAN-PIERRE MIQUEL and CHRISTIAN COLIN. In the cinema, he works with MARIA DE MEDEIROS, PHILIPPE DE BROCA, BENOÎT JACQUOT and others… This experience quite naturally led him to stage directing as his chief activity. 

When VIGNER founds the COMPAGNIE SUZANNE M. ERIC VIGNER in 1990, this is an act of poesy, carrying on tradition yet full of inventiveness. The name of the company, SUZANNE M., recalls, as an intimately personal dedication, the forename and, in abbreviated form, the maiden-name of his grandmother:

 "In memory of a woman who always did what she wanted, throughout her life. She was in fact the alter ego of Dubillard. When she died I felt lost, abandoned. Not much later followed the death of ANTOINE VITEZ, whom I had known slightly (too slightly). Strangely enough, it was the coincidence of these losses that ultimately gave me the strength to do something to keep alive, I felt the need to work the way I wanted to work, without relying on any institution. What followed was a time of "opposition". You create theatre on the basis of what you are - your personal history - to make your pet phantoms come to life on stage." 

Translation from the French by Herbert Kaiser
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